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10 Tips To Proof Your Home Against Cold And Flu

Cold and Flu can hit even the healthiest ones and it usually has a knack of setting in when there is an important meeting or presentation round the corner. Here are 10 ways to disease-proof your home and surroundings against the Flu.

  1. Sanitize surfaces - Most of the flu spreads through surfaces we touch often, which includes doorknobs, kitchen utensils, doorbells, staircase railings and many more. It is possible to remove the germs from these surfaces as germs can only survive for 8 hours on a hard surface. So, be sure to sanitize these surfaces using antiviral sanitizer wipes or disinfectant spray. One can also remove these germs using white vinegar and dry towel after spraying white vinegar.
  1. Keep your Feet Clean - Germs also spread through dust and mud from your shoes/legs. This can be frequent during the rainy season when the mud sticks on your shoes, and can also lead to the spread of germs. To prevent this, make sure that you have a clean doormat outside your house and also the mud/dirt laden footwear shouldn't be allowed indoors. 
  1. Minimize Dust inside House - Minimize the house dust by dusting your house regularly using vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, or wiping out with a clean cloth. This will keep your house free from germs and bacteria. If there are any pets in your house, bathe them regularly and keep them well groomed.
  1. Wear a Mask - Wearing surgical masks is a great option to prevent yourself from the common cold, flu, and germs. These are indoor masks that can be used in Airplanes, Metro, Hospitals, and other crowded settings. They can even be used inside your home to prevent contact with dust and pollution. The PureMe Indoor Flu Protection Mask is an amazing product to stay away from common flu. Check the product details on Amazon and say goodbye to the flu, once and for all!  
  1. Use copper - If you are thinking about investing in a good quality sink, then we would highly recommend a copper sink. As copper or copper alloy like brass or bronze help to remove viruses and are also called bacteria busters.
  1. No Smoking - Smoking is injurious to health as we all know, to keep our surroundings clean and healthy say no to smoking. Regular smoking can cause various respiratory diseases, and passive smoking can affect others around you as well. 
  1. Use tissues - It is preferable to use tissue papers when you sneeze during the flu as flu is a contagious disease.
  1. Wash your hands - Washing your hand regularly after every little task is important, or you can also use sanitizer to keep your hands germ-free. Washing your hands regularly will kill the bacteria and germs which are acquired while shaking hands, eating, driving, or touching any surface. Always touch the kitchen utensils with clean hands to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.
  1. Plant Trees - Planting small trees and plants will keep the surrounding germs free and healthy. It will also help in purifying the air and provide lots of Oxygen to inhale, which is good for health and also for respiratory organs.
  1. Detox your desk - Especially students should clean their study tables, computer tables and books regularly as a lot of dust collects and hides in such places.

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