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Came to know us better?

Let us formally introduce ourselves to you!

 We at PureMe, learn, listen and strive to grow on a daily basis with the philosophy that is inked onto our hearts- live to thrive, not to just survive!

 We realized; we humans are one funny species. We have skin care products to fight skin related problems, hair care range for everything, hair, sunscreen for the body, shoes for feet, gloves for hands, you name it.

 But what about breathing? Just a little napkin or scarf isn’t enough!

And we knew it. We need to do something. even if they are baby steps. And those baby steps of curiosity gave way to a company and a dream, that was so much bigger than we ever imagined.

 And now, when it's here, it's not only nurtured its own philosophy, it's given us a roadmap to live by, too.

 At PureMe, we don't just make any masks. We make masks that not only equip state-of-art technology but also the intuition that is so native to us humans. We slowly but steadily keep upgrading our masks, their design and technology. We make sure our masks keep up not only with the fashion trends but also with basic prerequisites of what works and doesn't work for us as humans.

In this process, we don't want the fun to go away. One of the things that distinguish us from many species is our ability to seek pleasure, communication and innovation. And we are in a serious business of making some serious masks that do some serious work for you but why take the life out of them too? Eh! Hence, our masks strive to achieve that correct balance of innovation and style. That's what makes our masks premium. (We don't just use the word 'cause we know it.) We own the word! Trust us!

 These masks have unveiled a new path for us and we urge y'all to hop on and get on a small (or a long) ride with us.

 This drive on this road that we hope and ensure could make everyone's life -- more comfortable, more sustainable, and most importantly more breathable -- one mask at a time! ---