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Things Every Two-Wheeler Should Always Have

The working group and the students make the most of motorcycle riders in the country. We commute daily for hours to reach office/colleges and these are usually the peak hours of traffic and pollution. There are some essential items that shouldn’t skip the mind of two-wheeler riders. Firstly, you should always have your helmet whenever you step out. Secondly, always have your bike insurance and health insurance along with First Aid Kit handy. Thirdly, a pollution mask and a hand sanitizer will go a long way in keeping you healthy and hygienic. They all are necessary for some or the other reason. These five things are must for a rider who rides for hours on a daily basis.



“It’s uncomfortable and hot and always messes up my hairstyle.”

 I’m only going to a friend living nearby.”

“ I’m not going to fall, so I don’t need one.”

These are the common excuses everyone gives for not wearing a helmet. But there shouldn’t be excuses when it comes to wearing this protective headgear. You need to step out with a helmet as your motorcycle does not provide the protection that a car does to keep the drivers safe in the event of an accident. There are no seatbelts, no airbags - just you and the cold, hard concrete. 

In case of accidents, the head and brain are most vulnerable to injury and the people wearing helmets increase their chance of survival significantly over non-helmet wearers. Also, the helmet protects not only the head but also the eye from dust and pollution.



Two wheelers are the most used vehicle in India and also are the most prone to accidents when compared to the four-wheeler and other vehicles in terms of damage involved to the rider and vehicle. Here, having health Insurance and motorcycle insurance will play a vital role. A motorcycle Insurance policy will protect the vehicle from accidents, theft and damage. Though insurance policies differ in how much coverage they offer, almost every motorcycle insurance company will cover Medical bills for injuries to the rider, Bodily injury to others injured (in case you hit a pedestrian), and Property damage to the bike. You should have motorcycle insurance regardless of whether you have a classic bike, a scooter, or any other motorized two-wheeler.

Pollution Face Mask

PureMe Linen Pollution Mask

The first and foremost objective of an Anti-Pollution Face Mask is to protect your respiratory system from pollutants and dust particles on unkempt roads. A pollution face mask should be used throughout the year and not only during cold weather or post-Diwali season when pollution is at its all-time high. Women stepping out with a dupatta (a piece of cloth used to wrap face and head) and men with a face towel is a common sight around India. But this cloth doesn’t prevent polluted air and dust particles rather only saves your skin from direct sunlight.
Face Masks don’t have to be out of style and outdated as you can buy a big variety of face masks online that can match your style and bike colour.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Minor injuries and accidents are common while driving and having a first aid kit handy can be a plus. A right first aid kit is a mix of both Comfort-Oriented First Aid Kit and Life-Saving First Aid Kits where you have things for minor injuries to situations of life and death.
Buying a kit from a superstore can be expensive and huge where you need a compact kit that can be fixed in your two-wheeler. Decide on what components you will actually be using in real life and make your own first aid kit.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitizer

If you commute on a daily basis, you know how much pollution and dust can stick to your hands. Your worst nightmare would be shaking hands with your superiors and colleagues without being able to wash your hands with all the pollution and dirt.
The best solution is to carry a sanitiser with you all the time. Buy the smallest one you can find from a store and you will be always ready to meet people right after getting off your motorcycle.

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