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5 Ways To Guard Against Germs In Everyday Life

Germs are everywhere, at every turn you take and at everything you touch. Even the air you inhale has germs. But there are a few things you can do to reduce these germ infections around you and in your environment. Follow these small tips and share them with your friends and colleagues as well.

1. Keep a Safe 6-Foot Distance - When someone coughs or sneezes you should try to be 6 feet away from that person, as far as possible. This is because germs can spread only in a distance of 6 foot or 2m. If someone is known to have any type of infection or disease around your school/college or office, you should try to maintain your distance. You should also avoid different interacting activities like handshakes, hugging, sharing a car ride and sharing hotel rooms when you yourself are sick because of the Flu.

2. Wash/Sanitize Your Hands -  When you cough and sneeze, be careful not to touch your face or interact with others. Make sure you immediately wash your hands after sneezing or coughing when you are unwell. You should also wash your hand before eating & handling food, handling a newborn baby, etc.

3. Don't Share Personal Items - Never share personal items with others which will come in contact with saliva and other body fluids. Especially nebulizers, handkerchiefs, cutlery r or any other equipment that is used directly on the body.

4. Avoid Frequent Contact with Dust and Dirt - There are germs hidden in the soil and if you touch the soil or stay in the area around dust then you can be infected with these germs. As far as possible, spend limited time gardening, playing in soil, being around construction sites, etc. and wash your hands as soon as you come back home. Children are infected the most from the soil as they are more keen to play in these areas.

5. Surgical Mask - If you are suffering from cold or you travel in crowded places a lot, make sure you always have your Indoor Surgical Mask with you. This will prevent your flu from spreading to others and will also prevent such germs from infecting you. If you don’t like the green surgical masks, you can try the PureMe Indoor Surgical Mask that comes in stylish shades. These masks are premium, comfortable and available in a variety of styles and colours.

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