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Breathe better with Linen Face Masks

Chances are you are familiar with flaxseeds (and flaxseed oil) and it’s impressive benefits. One of the by-products of the same flax plant is linen, one of the older sustainable natural fabrics with many benefits. Linen is a luxurious, environmentally friendly material making it socially responsible fabric.

As the world is adjusting to a new normal, linen facemask is a sustainable and comfortable option. Linen will offer a luxurious touch in your everyday fashion. At PureMe, the safety of our customers is our first concern. That’s why we are offering high quality, sustainable, reusable, and breathable Linen facemasks.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should choose Linen Face Masks for your safety.

Hypoallergenic And Anti-Microbial  

Linen is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and antiseptic, meaning it suppresses all microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and pollen. So if you are looking for a face mask that won’t itch or give you rashes, linen will be your best choice. This stems from the fact that linen fabric is not exposed to harsh chemicals. It’s also non-static.


One of the linen’s main benefits is its durability, which comes from its fabric’s strength. Linen can withstand more than just cotton or polyester. Flax Plant fibers are naturally strong and long. When the threads are woven into linen, the fabric keeps its strength.


Environmentalism is not on everyone’s mind at present. However, going green and reducing carbon footprint is always a great idea. Choosing something as small as biodegradable linen masks than their one-time-use counterparts can make a big difference. Also, the entire process of making this fabric is sustainable.

Gentle on Skin 

You would want your facemask to be gentle on the skin rather than giving your rashes after long hours. Linen is softer than cotton and gets softer after every wash. The more you use a linen mask, and the more you wash it, the smoother your linen mask will become. Linen is the best fabric for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Perfect for Every Weather

Who would want sweaty masks in summers? We don’t. Linen Mask is a perfect choice all year-round. It is Naturally Wicking, meaning linen will act as a natural antiperspirant for those hot summer days. It will also be less likely to stick on your skin when compared to cotton. Interestingly, linen also acts as a natural insulator in winters keeping you warm in winters.


Linen is naturally absorbent. It absorbs most of the water without feeling wet, meaning the mask will not stick to your face. Flax plants are hollow and offer higher air permeability making linen a highly breathable fabric and greater heat conductivity. You can say goodbye to sweaty masks.

Cost-Effective in Long Term

Although linen is one of the most expensive fabrics globally, it’s cost-effective in the long term. We will be wearing masks in the foreseen future. However, if you have to repurchase them, your costs will add up. Why not save money on face masks by using reusable ones. Disposable masks, while increasing carbon footprint, are also expensive in the long run.

Also, ordering disposable masks time and again can be annoying. Solve all these problems with reusable Linen Face Masks that can be used after every wash.

Resistant to Shrinkage

One of the main problems with cotton is that it shrinks on washing. The cotton fabric also wrinkles easily. On the other hand, linen never shrinks on washing and doesn’t wrinkle.

Effortlessly Stylish

Linen Masks have a relaxed look that will make you look effortlessly stylish among your colleagues and friends. Dyes blend smoothly with linen giving the fabric deep rich colors.

It is the beneficial properties of Linen that make it an excellent fabric for facemasks. Linen is breathable making it comfortable to wear. It’s also less likely to irritate your skin or cause allergy. Being a light and cool fabric, linen dries faster than other materials and ideal for summers. 

Linen Reusable Face Masks are available in seven fashionable colors. Whatever you choose, you will stand apart among your colleagues. PureMe Reusable Linen Face Mask also features an insert slot for a filter and nine layers filtration for your safety. We hope this guide on linen and its benefits will help you make an informed decision for your next face mask purchase.

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