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Did you know - Cotton

Hello! We see you’re here for more nerdy facts. We love to talk about materials and fabric (it makes us very excited) and we’re happy to share that with you! 

Here are some fun facts about cotton!

1) Did You Know, cotton has been with us since a very long time. Seeds dating back to as old as 450BC were found in Peru?

2) Did You Know, when it comes to Cotton nothing goes to waste. From its fibre (used for clothes, garments and textile purposes) to it's seed used for animal feed and cottonseed oil to its stalk that are tilled back into the soil after harvesting -- everything is put to good use.

3) Did You Know, cotton is a close relative of Okra and hibiscus

4) Did You Know, fire hoses were once made out of Cotton!

5) Did You Know, approximately around 75% of the world's clothing products contain at least some amount, type or range of cotton.

We hope this scratches your curious-itch and gives you some amazingly interesting facts to talk about on your next date! 

If you have any facts you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below! We’re all ears! 

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