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Did you know - Linen

Hello there! 

We can’t believe you actually want to read more about linen. Please make sure you’re not on the wrong webpage! And if you’re sure this is where you want to be - welcome!

We love talking about materials and fabric (it makes us very excited, but our friends are tired of hearing about it).

So, it’s great that we’ve found each other.

Here are some super cool facts about linen! Ready? Let’s go!


1) Did You Know,  evidence suggests that Neolithic people in Europe were making textiles from Linen since as long as 36,000 years ago!

2) Did You Know, according to archaeologists Linen was first domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia.

3) Did You Know, ancient Egyptians made the burial shrouds and wrappings for mummies from Linen? 

4) Did You Know,  in the 18th century, Ireland became the centre of European Linen Production and a town called 'Belfast' came to be known as 'Linenopolis'.

5) Did You Know,  Unlike synthetic textiles, natural fabrics like linen are biodegradable, which means that their constituent molecules reabsorb into the surrounding environment within a matter of years instead of centuries. Natural fibers also don’t contribute to the ongoing microfiber pollution crisis in the hydrosphere, which threatens aquatic and human life.

Wow! That was fun! 

If you have any facts you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below! 

We’re all ears! 

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