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Join the Ride! Introducing PureMe Active - Anti Pollution Fitness Masks

Over the last few months we've been hard at work, desperately trying to perfect the design of our latest mask-nificent creation- The PureMe Active Fitness Masks. A perfect blend of style, safety and comfort, tailor made to suit the needs of Indian Fitness Enthusiast. 

So we used the finest, most premium, softest cotton around. We equipped the masks with 9 layer filtration to keep out PM.2 and other pollutants. We installed dual valves for increased safety and breathability during workouts. We made sure the masks were adjustable with a secure neck strap so that they fit just right even at high speeds. We put in countless hours of research and developed an anti-fogging mechanism for these masks.

But even after all of this, we still weren't satisfied! So, we called on some of the top cyclists and fitness enthusiasts in the country and sent them the prototypes of our new Fitness mask. With feedback from them, we made the final round of improvements to our product. And just like that, our vision became a reality!

Now, we are delighted to officially launch PureMe Active - the perfect Anti-Pollution Fitness Mask. A lightweight, breathable and super safe face mask with special features, tailor made to fit the needs and requirements of the Indian Fitness Enthusiast. Whether you're cycling into the sunset, or jogging on the path to a better you - PureMe Active will stay by your side and keep you breathing easy as you cross the finish line. 

Here’s what some fitness enthusiasts had to say about PureMe Active masks:

“It’s just perfect for cycling.”

 - Aditya Malhotra (Competitive Cyclist, Athlete)

“Breathing is 200% easier. Perfect in crowded areas and on busy highways. Much better suited for fitness than any other mask out there!” 

- Rajdeb Dhar (Athlete and Fitness Enthusiast)

Grab yours now and join the ride!  (We're just getting started!)


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