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Why choose a Linen Face Mask for your safety?

PureMe Linen Fibers


We all understand the need to wear a mask that protects us and people around us while socially distancing in these troubled times.

But why choose linen masks?

Linen is a luxury material made from flax plants over a laborious manufacturing method. The durability of linen makes it 30% stronger than cotton. Linen keeps getting better, and softer after every wash.

Linen has health benefits as it's naturally antibacterial and helps in reducing the spread of germs. The Anti-static property of linen makes it dust and stain-resistant. It’s a breathable material that allows comfortable air circulation.

The structural properties of linen ensure that the product will always retain its shape. The more often you will wear linen masks, the fabric will become smoother,softer and more wonderful to wear.

As a response to the changing lifestyle where breathable masks have become a key to a comfortable day, we started manufacturing Linen Masks. Our new linen masks have all the goodness of PureMe Reusable Masks along with the comfort of Linen.

PureMe linen masks feature 9-layer filtration through four layers of linen and a 5-layer PM2.5 filter. The most captivating feature of PureMe Reusable Masks is the provision for an insert pocket for removable filters, which is present in Linen Face Masks as well.

Order your Reusable Linen Mask today and step out in style.

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